Response First Training Centre manual handling courses are intended to provide students with an understanding of how to safely handle loads. The courses cover the practical aspects of lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing and pulling loads.

Response First Training Centre course also aims to cover information on the human spinal system, risk assessment, the legal responsibility of employers to their employees and techniques for the prevention of accidents.

The manual handling course involves knowledge development, and a series of practical exercises, followed by scenarios that allow the students to put their skills into practise. Our manual handling courses are suitable for employees from any sector or industry and the students will develop the abilities and skills to ensure the risk of injuries is reduced.

FACT: Manual handling is the cause of more than a third of all reported injuries, which result in employees being off work for more than three days. The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 (as amended 2002) require employers to conduct risk assessments of manual handling activities that their employees undertake and to provide the appropriate training.

Response First Training Centre is department of Therapy First Physiotherapy Limited, We specialise in all aspects of Physiotherapy and our team of Physiotherapists are dynamic trainers with a wealth of knowledge and experience and they will ensure that the courses are interesting and relevant to your work environment.


Manual Handling Training Course. (Objects)

This comprehensive, 3-hour course introduces delegates to the hazards and risks involved in manual handing.

Safer Manual Handling Training Course. (People)

Our Safer Manual Handling (People) course is a comprehensive 1-day course appropriate for all people involved in the moving and handling of people.

Safer Manual Handling Training Course. (Wheelchair Users)

Our Safer Manual Handling (Wheelchair Users) course is a very comprehensive5-hour course is suitable for anyone supporting an essential wheelchair user with transportation and transfer on a regular basis.

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